Our Service Portfolio

Satworks Africa is an IT managed services & Internet Services provider that has been serving the Sub-Saharan region since 2012. We help small businesses, enterprises, NGOs, Government Agents, Oil & Gas, marine and cooperate companies with everything from IT remote and on-site IT support to cybersecurity ,cloud migrations, backups, training, procurement, infrastructure, relocations and tailoring our solutions to meet your business's unique needs and high expectations.

Our MISSION, VISSION & VALUES Are a true reflection of our Business strategy and model, which focuses on our client's long term development,while maintaining the existing trust, and their business IT resources.

Why Choose Satworks Africa for IT Services?

In addition, Satworks Africa offers technology consulting to our managed services clients. Daily IT support is paramount to keep the business running, but strategic planning provides a long term vision of where technology can take your organization. Joseph Donald, our founder and CEO, is passionate about making technology a crucial pillar of growth for small businesses. Every quarter,Joseph meets with our client's leadership to make sure strategic decisions regarding IT align with their Organization's growth plans.

When you consider the real cost of downtime, emergency fixes, and inadequate fixes, Satworks Africa can offer better service without charging more. Because we employ remote monitoring, offer remote maintenance, and prevent major issues, Satworks Africa is more efficient {and faster!} than a similar break-fix company.

OK, we get it: A monthly bill may not be exactly what you are looking for. But the advantages our managed services are well worth the expense. We perform the responsibility of an entire IT department at the fraction of the cost. And we align our goals with your goals.Everyone benefits when things don't break. Managed services create a true, beneficial partnership to keep you focused on running your business.

For some SMBs that have the time and energy to put out every single fire, a break-fix system is enough. But for businesses that decide that strong technology infrastructure and good maintenance are critical to securing data, improving employee performance, and supporting business growth, Satworks Africa's managed services plan is the way toward IT excellence.

With increased pressure to modernize applications, develop innovative business solutions, improve security measures and still maintain existing systems, IT has to make some hard choices about how to accomplish their goals. When weighing the choice to increase internal staff, hire an outside consultant or move to a managed services approach, investing in managed services will most often be more efficient and cost-effective.